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&ldquo,Always Add Love&rdquo, was born of the need to document one family&rsquo,s recipes, to pass them on to future generations.&nbsp,There had been some hunting around for&nbsp,a favorite apple sauce cake recipe that grandma used to make, which was lost for years.&nbsp, To prevent the loss of any more family treasures, &ldquo,Always Add Love&rdquo, was born on the belief that good food keeps memories and loved ones alive in our hearts! The project to document family recipes grew into a&nbsp,blog,, and now has become a cook book. While sharing the blog with other parents, it was discovered that we all have similar struggles&nbsp,with picky eaters. &nbsp,This cook book is designed to teach parents healthy and quick recipes that will get their picky kids to the table.&nbsp, These recipes are particularly straight forward, fast and delicious. &nbsp,It would make a wonderful holiday gift for under $20, and is also well suited as a unique wedding/baby shower or house warming gift. &ldquo,Always Add Love&rdquo, includes very simple to follow recipes, starting with quick protein&nbsp,and pasta dishes that can even be made on a hectic weekday, then covers&nbsp,creative&nbsp,vegetable and fruit dishes, followed by&nbsp,indulgent sweet homemade desserts. &nbsp,Included are articles on what to keep in your pantry, what tools are most important in the kitchen,&nbsp,and time saving conversions and substitutions.&nbsp, Recipes include meat marinades, fruit smoothies (with adult versions), elegant meals such as risotto and a quick tomato sauce, plus a kid friendly version of chicken Marsala, as well as many tantalizing and quick vegetable side dishes like ginger broccoli, glazed carrots and string beans four ways. &nbsp, For the sweet fans, fruit parfaits, fruit cups,&nbsp,and home baked desserts perfect for bake sales or family parties are included&nbsp,as well!&nbsp,The recipes are fool proof, and meant to convince picky
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