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ISBN: 9783749738359 Géneros: Sinópsis: Does Your Child Love Preschool Kindergarten PreSchooling the right way is so much more fun for parents and children and putting a smile on your children39s faces is all we need right What more do we ask from a child with a passion for learning at preschool kindergarten and a wild desire for wanting to learn how to writeThe only thing that they need in order to keep improving and building their learning achievements is a unique approach to keeping an organized mind about itThat is why you should gift a kid with a unique fun yet smart present that will impact his or her success and productivity with learningStart your toddler39s kindergarten year off with a plan a perfect preschool writing plan that is  Ditch the old boring handwriting composition notebook for preschool and send your girl or boy out the door with this stylish ABC alphabet handwriting composition book with tracing paper that features cute images from A to Z so that learning to write becomes fun againHere we goStart your kid39s preschool year off with a plan a perfect preschool writing plan that is  Add To Cart Now This handwriting practice paper book can be used when you send your little one off into the big world of preschool as a supplement to homeschool materials or just as a fun journal to aid in the development of handeye coordination and fine motor skills Our handwriting paper includes nine double lines with a dotted line down the middle to guide children who are learning to proportion their letters We recommend it for Kindergarten and PreK through to third grade when they progress to wide rule and cursivePractice Notebook Features Ample space to allow your child to practice tracing letters and numbers from A to Z Each dashed tracing alphabet page Iicludes a cute baby animal themed image with coresponding first letter going from A to Z Inspirational Images for each letter of the alphabet on top of each letter tracing page Handwritin
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