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ISBN: 9781590953563 Géneros: Sinópsis: William Worm Bell Sizemore Robert Shakers Allen Jr Ricky Chief Lightfoot and Farah Royal Smolinksi are eighth grade friends with Farah the lone girl  They call themselves the Four Musketeers and have a one for all and all for one bond  According to Will’s grandfather a crusty old Navy veteran You four are thicker than a band of thievesIt was Will’s grandfather and an early spring thunder storm complete with tornado warnings that changed the four lives forever  Will’s grandfather had presented his grandson with four miniature scimitars  The ancient Middle Eastern swords resembled gold cocktail toothpicks  They were more than that  The scimitars were said to be magical each possessing one wish for the person who held itRobert Allen Jr was called Shakers by his other Musketeers because his birth was the product of an interracial marriage  His mother Puerto Rican and his father of Scandinavian heritage  Both were college professors  Both were killed in a driveby shooting mistaken targetsRicky Lightfoot the most cantankerous and opinionated of the four was an Ojibwa Indian a Lake Superior Chippewa of the Lac du Flambeau band  He was called Chief because according to him You palefaces speak with forked tongue and I don’t trust a one of you  Then before his three friends could verbally attack him he would come up with his hasty declaimer stating Shakers you and Royal ain’t ever gonna be pale  As for you Worm you ain’t ever gonna be red black or brown from sitting under a reading lamp all day and night  I can trust youFarah Royal Smolinksi’s mother was from the Middle East presumably Iran where it was rumored that a late female relative of hers had been married to the Shah of Iran  Therefore according to her three male friends she had descended from a Queen or some type of royalty  It stood to reason in the minds of Worm Shakers and Chief that she should have a name that connotated regal s
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