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ISBN: 9780996475495 Géneros: Sinópsis: The consciousness that reigns in these poems is hurricaneproof bulletproof heartacheproof And lucky for us this is the consciousness of our tour guide throughout this often heartbreaking volume Again and again with a grace and acceptance that reminds us of the strength of human beings these poems examine the oftenblurred line between what will happen in our livesand what we can make happen Carey’s poetic breath becomes the reader’s lifebreatha parity that only the best of poems can offer MB McLatchey author of The Lame God Sarah Carey makes many gracious accommodations to family to the inevitable losses in an ordinary life and to the idea of home in all its human dimensions in this intelligent sensitive and generous collection She meditates on ‘the long valediction’ of a fully lived life and comes to artful terms with the repercussions of love and mortality in poems that ring true and resonate Breathe the slow wind she writes another storm is always coming We know it in our bones and we see it again and again in these lovely measures Sidney Wade author of Bird Book and Straits Narrows This collection starts off with an ache that pulls a reader in uncontrollably with sorrow and beauty It is a tremendous manuscript that begs to be read over and over Organic in the purest sense Anyone encountering these poems will be stunned Amy MacLennan Chapbook Award Judge author of The Body A Tree
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