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ISBN: 9781892172204 Géneros: Sinópsis: Be brave Don’t be afraid Trust God In ABC’s Of Success… wise witty whimsical characters transport readers through an entertaining educational journey highlighting every letter of the alphabet Sissy adapts illuminating illustrations to not only relate timeless heartfelt encouraging truths but to reflect positive practices that help readers pursue good  success in life Accented with poignant poetic phrases she stresses Brag about others don’t focus only on yourself Happiness doesn39t just automatically happen  Never be afraid to go it alone because we never are… Jealousy and gossip can mentally drain you and arouse ugly feelings Exercise to help lower stress levels and improve health To have friends be a friend Remember… you are a part of God’s magnificent universe Being negative or positive affects you as well as those around you Choose to be positive Do your part in Church family and community Use Xray eyes to examine any deal that looks or sounds too good to be true When possible try to look and dress your best Develop an attitude of gratitude Discover and pursue your Godgiven purpose for life Never stop learning growing and loving others                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ABC’s of Success published by yOur Backyard Publishing encourages readers of all ages that it39s never too late to be brave to face their fears to trust God and to seek and find His perfect will and plan for life 
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