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ISBN: 9781681901664 Género: Sinópsis: lpgDuring the 1980arsquo;s and 1990arsquo;s, a fierce battle raged between conservative and liberal leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the worldarsquo;s largest Protestant denomination. Conservatives insisted that the SBCarsquo;s six seminaries had strayed from sound doctrine, and launched a campaign to return the denomination to its historical biblical roots. The liberals were determined to stop them.lbr /g As the flagship institution of the SBC, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary became a focal point in this historic controversy. When a special committee investigated Southern for suspected heresy, the Seminaryarsquo;s liberal leaders manipulated the investigation process and denied the existence of theological problems.lbr /g However, a young man on the Seminaryarsquo;s Board of Trustees discovered evidence of the liberalsarsquo; manipulations, and stood dramatically against them. Enduring a series of incredible twists and turns over the course of several years, this persistent young man and a small group of fellow conservative Trustees engaged the liberals in an intense battle over the future of the Seminary. Given this institutionarsquo;s stature and global reach, the impact of the conflict would be felt around the world for decades to come.l/pg
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