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ISBN: 9781733313124 Géneros: Sinópsis: Enjoy this FirstYearAnniversary compilation of all of my works in one title A Cosmic Legacy From Earth to the StarsThis title includes the following works wrapped up into one story Further Than Before Pathway to the Stars Part 1 Further Than Before Pathway to the Stars Part 2 Pathway to the Stars Part 1 Vesha Celeste Pathway to the Stars Part 2 Eliza Williams Pathway to the Stars Part 3 James Cooper Pathway to the Stars Part 4 Universal Party Pathway to the Stars Part 5 Amber Blythe Pathway to the Stars Part 6 Erin CarterOur beautiful mother world ached for a reprieve from the injustices of many courtesy of cultures and governance systems that forgot how to love how to be kind how to include others and how to think beyond the scope of greed and power but within the visions of shared joy and wellbeing Yesha Alevtina to her audience in the Pathway organizationEliza Williams and a host of friendly heroes tackle some of the most significant dilemmas of the day to bring humanity out and into the stars bearing a legacy we would be proud to share with other civilizationsa legacy of kindness of mindtomind communication of love and of healing instead of harming If we are to overcome the great expansion and the death of all life we must overcome the smaller challenges to progress and focus on even greater ones Working with her team diligently Eliza will speed the pace of society in her world with the belief that beauty and untold potential are within every being If we find ways to bring that out in ourselves and others a future where we can breed longevity a collective and high quality of life augment the clarity of our minds and innovate to span the Cosmos may be in our graspTogether with the organization Eliza Williams founded called Pathway she and her growing team will take us on a fantastical and Utopian journey to get us out and into the farthest reaches of space There are dilemmas such as the physiological effec
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