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Sinopsis de A BREACH IN TIME
ISBN: 9781913264154 Géneros: Sinópsis: Alixandra Evans has spent most of her life studying and romanticizing history But when an ancient brooch transports her back to twelfthcentury France she soon discovers that history is vastly different and much harsher than her scholarly books have led her to believe  Richard Duke of Aquitaine and the future King of England has his hands full protecting his duchy and keeping his troublesome nobles in line Yet when a beautiful young woman stumbles out of the forest alone he can39t simply leave her to her fate Unable to resist her spirit and bravado he offers her a position in his household even though he senses she39s harboring secrets Alix39s only choice is to accept Richard39s protection until she can find a way back to her own time Complications soon arise as she finds herself and her heart drawn to the man behind the legend  But the twelfthcentury isn39t Alix39s time If she stays her presence in Richard39s life could have farreaching consequences One misstep might set in motion events which would alter not only Richard39s destiny but also the future of England Does she dare remain with him and risk destroying the world as she knows it or return to the twentyfirst century and leave her one true love in the past
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