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Sinopsis de 30 MY NEWSPAPER LIFE
ISBN: 9781644242254 Géneros: Sinópsis: Ray Hansen grew up in Depression Nebraska At the age of seventeen during World War II he enlisted in the Navy and served with the Seabees on Guam Immediately after returning home he entered the University of Nebraska studied journalism while working nights on the Lincoln Star He graduated in three years on DDay 1949 His career took him promptly to Washington DC where he worked ten years and saved 10000 With that money he went to Wisconsin bought his first newspaper and learned to print it with hot metal via Linotype and a flatbed press He paid off the mortgage in five years and sold the paper for more than twice what he paid for it Then came the offset revolution publishing cold type via new expensive web presses During those years he married raised a family and bought and sold three more newspapers in Kansas and Arkansas He concluded his career in upstate New York on the cusp of the twentyfirst century He witnessed the growth and skirmishes of community newspapers over seven decades Now in his ninetysecond year he has many interesting tales to tell and relates them with flair and honesty in 30My Newspaper Life
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