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My wife has dementia. My responsibilities as a husband and caregiver are to provide for her and to be the caretaker of her memories so I can pass them to my daughter and she can pass those memories to her generation. We live in Franklinton, North Carolina, and I always carry my camera with me. After 40 years as a photojournalist it&rsquo,s hard not to have a camera. These images tell the story of my journey to the store, to my swim class or dropping my daughter off to school. Moments captured seeing the light and moving on. It seems like I&rsquo,m always moving on. My tasks as a caregiver are demanding, but it&rsquo,s a road that I must travel. We all had dreams to retire travel, write the great novel or just sit and hold hands and watch the sunset. It&rsquo,s all changed now, and that&rsquo,s why I have a commitment and a responsibility to make a difference with my work. It&rsquo,s time for all of us to make a difference. Together we can help change the future._,
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